Rural Revolt on Parliament Hill - 04/08/04

Text and photos by Jean Brasseur

Related Press Release
The Lanark Landowners' Association (LLA) has completed a review of "The Renfrew County-Mississisppi-Rideau Groundwater Study" with regards to the excessive and intrusive legislation affecting rural landowners and businesses.

Cast the stone of repression into a farm pond and watch the ripples grow. Soon the ripples join together and make a wave. Such a wave rose up the flanks of Parliament Hill yesterday as farmers brought their protest to the attention of the urban public. They came in school buses, they came by tractor, they came on horse back.

Early morning traffic slowed down to a crawl. Police blocked on-ramps to the Queensway from Carp Road to Kent Street. The Rural Revolution was on its way to Ottawa.

I must say that it was quite a sight to see over a hundred tractors come up Kent Street and turn onto Wellington Street. The roar of their diesel engines echoed off the cold, hard, indifferent cliffs of the downtown monoliths. Still they pressed on.

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