Press Release

The Lanark Landowners' Association (LLA) has completed a review of "The Renfrew County-Mississisppi-Rideau Groundwater Study" with regards to the excessive and intrusive legislation affecting rural landowners and businesses.

This extensive and exhaustive study took over two years to complete at a cost in excess of one million dollars. The Ministry of Environment (MOE) funded this study and produced the Terms of Reference, parameters and framework; the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) commissioned and administered the process.

Although the report/study has many objectives, of primary concern was the identification and evaluation of existing or possible- potential sources of ground water contamination located through these watersheds and Renfrew County. Golder associates ltd., in conjunction with, Dillon Consulting limited, J.L Richards & associates limited, and Agriculture Watersheds Associates prepared the report/study. The final report dated September 2003 has been accepted by the MVCA and is now in the public domain.

Of primary concern to the LLA and other rural associations are the following findings:

  • There are no Sawmills identified as possible/potential/existing ground water contaminant sources,
  • There are no farm operations identified as possible/potential sources of groundwater contamination,
  • The overwhelming number of possible/potential/existing sources of groundwater contamination are from government owned lands and operated facilities,
  • The greatest concentration and quantity of possible/potential/existing sources of groundwater contamination are located within the City of Ottawa,

In light of these findings completed under MOE guidelines and methodologies, it is evident that the MOE crusade to close local sawmills is unjust, unwarranted and must cease.

Furthermore, it is evident the Nutrient Management Act has no basis in science or historical evidence to justify its implementation: and must be repealed.

The Lanark landowners association will not allow our farms, mills and rural business’s to be forced closed because of ignorant interpretations or unwarranted legislation, under the guise of protecting the environment for the "public Good" when there is scientific data available that proves the bureaucracy’s crusade is false and unjustified.

Randy Hillier
President, Lanark landowners association